Visa Bulletin December 2023 Predictions – A Glimmer of Hope for Green Card Applicants?

Navigating the often unpredictable world of U.S. immigration can be like traversing a fog-laden mountain path. The December 2023 Visa Bulletin, released on November 8th, offered little to dispel the mist, holding mostly stagnant cut-off dates for employment-based and family-sponsored preference categories. However, amidst the limited movement, whispers of potential progress in the New Year have begun to stir.

In this intricate journey through the Visa Bulletin December 2023 predictions, let’s delve into the current landscape. We’ll analyze what the future might hold for visa applicants in December 2023 and beyond.

Table of Contents

Current State of the Visa Bulletin

1. Employment-Based Categories

Employment-based categories, particularly EB-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability and EB-2 for professionals with advanced degrees, haven’t seen significant movement for several months. While this may seem discouraging for applicants waiting in backlog, it’s important to remember that the State Department has hinted at potential advancements in the January 2024 bulletin, marking the start of the new fiscal year.

  • EB-1: Steady progress with minimal to no movement expected in the final action dates for most countries.
  • EB-2: Slow advancement, particularly for India, with a possibility of slight movement in January 2024.
  • EB-3: Continued backlog with potentially some forward movement for specific countries like China and Mexico in January 2024.
  • EB-5: Uncertain predictions due to ongoing litigation and legislative changes. However, some experts suggest potential movement for specific investment categories.

2. Family-Based Categories

Family-based categories present a more mixed picture. While immediate relative visas (IR) for spouses and children of U.S. citizens remain current, other categories like F2A for spouses and children of permanent residents face significant backlogs. However, the recent decrease in visa applications due to the pandemic could offer some hope for faster movement in the future.

  • F-1: Continued backlogs with minimal to no movement expected in December.
  • F-2A: Similar to F-1, with cautious optimism for potential advancement in January 2024.
  • F-2B: Significant backlogs with unlikely movement in December, but potential progress in the New Year.
  • F-3: Continued backlogs, with the possibility of slight movement for specific countries in January 2024.

3. Diversity Visa

  • DV: No major changes are expected for the DV program in December. The next lottery results will be announced in May 2024.

Reasons for Stagnation

Congressional Budget Appropriations: Fiscal Year 2024 budget allocations for green cards are lower than FY 2023, leading to a cautious approach by the State Department to manage visa availability.

Focus on Visa Issuance within Limits: The Visa Bulletin’s primary goal is to ensure visa issuance complies with annual and per-country limits set by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This can sometimes mean prioritizing immediate issuance over significant cut-off date advancements.

Processing Backlogs: USCIS is still grappling with significant processing backlogs for both green card applications and adjustment of status cases. This factor continues to contribute to slower movement in the Visa Bulletin.

Prospects for Movement in the Coming Months

January 2024 Visa Bulletin: With the start of a new quarter in January 2024, analysts anticipate possible cut-off date advancements for employment-based categories. The State Department’s November commentary hinted at potential movement in January, offering glimmers of hope for applicants.

Focus on Specific Categories: EB-2 (India and China) and EB-3 (all countries) are categories most likely to experience advancements in the coming months, as they currently have the longest backlogs.

Family-Sponsored Categories: Movement in family-sponsored categories, particularly for F2A and F2B in high-demand countries like India and China, might be slower due to lower visa allocations and USCIS processing backlogs.

Navigating the Uncertainty

Stay Informed: Regularly review the Visa Bulletin and official updates from the Department of State and USCIS to stay abreast of any developments.

Seek Expert Guidance: Consulting with an experienced immigration attorney can provide valuable insights and personalized advice regarding your specific case.

Be Patient and Proactive: Understand that significant advancements might take time, and focus on completing paperwork and preparing your case thoroughly in the meantime.

Last Words

While the December 2023 Visa Bulletin offered limited cheer, it’s crucial to remember that immigration is a dynamic process. Analyzing the underlying reasons for stagnation and keeping track of potential movement in the coming months can empower applicants to navigate the current uncertainties.

By staying informed, seeking professional guidance, and remaining patient, aspiring immigrants can confidently navigate the path toward their American dream.

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