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Are you seeking clarity on a legal matter related to asbestos in Peoria? Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a property owner, or someone impacted by asbestos exposure, navigating the legal complexities surrounding this issue can be daunting. Our team specializes in providing comprehensive answers to your Peoria asbestos legal questions. With our expertise and dedication, we aim to offer you the guidance and support you need to address your concerns effectively.

Asbestos Exposure Risks in Peoria, Illinois

In Peoria, asbestos was widely used from the 1930s through the 1970s due to its fire resistance and insulation properties.

Unfortunately, asbestos exposure is linked to life-threatening diseases like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Many Peoria residents were exposed to asbestos during its peak use, and some have already developed asbestos-related diseases.

Peoria residents were most commonly exposed to asbestos on the job. Construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and other trades extensively used asbestos. Workers handled raw asbestos or worked around asbestos-containing materials, inhaling tiny toxic fibers. Some of the highest-risk jobs included insulation installers, pipefitters, boilermakers, and shipyard workers.

Understanding Mesothelioma and Other Asbestos-Related Illnesses

Asbestos exposure can lead to life-threatening illnesses like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. If you have worked around or lived near asbestos, it’s important to understand these diseases and their symptoms.


Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects the mesothelium, a membrane protecting your internal organs. Pleural mesothelioma, which affects the lining of the lungs, is the most prevalent type of asbestos-related illness. Symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, and coughing. Asbestos exposure almost always causes mesothelioma, and it can take 20-50 years to develop after exposure.


Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease caused by long-term asbestos exposure. It causes scarring of lung tissues, making it difficult to breathe. Early symptoms are a dry cough and shortness of breath. As the disease progresses, symptoms can include chest tightness, loss of appetite, and bluish skin color. There is no cure, but treatment focuses on managing symptoms and slowing the progression.

Lung Cancer

Asbestos exposure also causes a rare lung cancer known as mesothelioma. Inhaling asbestos fibers over time can cause mutations that lead to lung cancer. Symptoms are similar to mesothelioma and asbestosis, including coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Treatment options for lung cancer encompass a range of approaches, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Legal Options for Peoria Asbestos Victims

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease from exposure in Peoria, you have legal options for compensation. Industries, construction, and manufacturing in Peoria commonly used asbestos from the 1930s through the 1970s due to its fire-resistant and insulating properties.

Unfortunately, exposure to asbestos fibers over long periods can cause serious health issues like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.

Step1: File an Asbestos Lawsuit

You can pursue an asbestos lawsuit against the companies responsible for your exposure. This will require seeking counsel from a Peoria mesothelioma lawyer who has experience handling asbestos cases. They can investigate where and how your exposure occurred, determine which companies manufactured or sold the asbestos products involved, and file a lawsuit on your behalf to recover damages related to medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

Step2: Trust Fund Claims

Many companies that used asbestos went bankrupt under the weight of lawsuits. Asbestos trust funds were created to compensate victims. Your lawyer can file a claim against these trusts on your behalf to obtain settlements for your injuries. The process is typically faster than a lawsuit, though the payouts may be lower. You can make multiple trust fund claims to increase your total compensation.

Step3: VA Benefits for Veterans

If you were exposed to asbestos during your military service, the Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify you for benefits, including healthcare, monthly disability payments, and other forms of assistance. The military commonly used asbestos in Navy ships, Army facilities, and military equipment.

Speak to a VA representative about filing a claim for service-connected disability compensation related to your asbestos exposure.

Current Asbestos Regulations and Litigation in Peoria

Asbestos was once widely used in construction, but it is now known as a dangerous carcinogen. If you have been exposed to asbestos, you may be entitled to compensation. Several laws regulate asbestos and allow legal claims for health issues from exposure.

Asbestos Bans and Regulations

In 1989, the EPA banned most asbestos-containing materials. However, some uses of asbestos are still allowed in the U.S. In Illinois, the Asbestos Abatement Act establishes rules around asbestos removal and disposal. Contractors must obtain a license to handle asbestos, and they must follow strict safety standards during removal to minimize exposure.

Asbestos Exposure Lawsuits

If asbestos exposure causes you or a loved one to develop mesothelioma, asbestosis, or other illnesses, you may be able to file an asbestos lawsuit. Two common legal claims include negligence claims against companies that failed to warn or protect people from asbestos risks, and product liability claims against manufacturers of asbestos products.

In Peoria, several former industrial sites used asbestos products extensively, exposing many workers and families to asbestos over decades. Victims may sue companies like Caterpillar, Keystone Steel & Wire, and Owens-Illinois, seeking damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs.

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Seeking Legal Recourse for Asbestos Exposure in Peoria

If you or a loved one has suffered health issues due to asbestos exposure, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Many Peoria residents have pursued legal action against companies that exposed them to this dangerous material. Builders, factories, and other applications commonly use asbestos for its heat resistance and insulation properties.

However, exposure to asbestos fibers can cause life-threatening diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Finding an Asbestos Attorney in Peoria

The first step is to find an experienced asbestos attorney in Peoria to review your case. Look for lawyers who focus specifically on asbestos litigation and personal injury. They should offer a free initial consultation to evaluate the details of your exposure and health issues. If they believe you have a strong case, they will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no upfront legal fees and they only get paid if you win compensation.

Building Your Case

To build a compelling case, your attorney will gather evidence related to your asbestos exposure, such as workplace records, product identification, or building materials samples. They will also collect medical records and opinions from doctors confirming your asbestos-related disease. Cases often take time to develop as more evidence comes to light and as the progression of your disease is monitored. Most claims are settled out of court, but some cases do go to trial.

Compensation for Victims

If your case is successful, you may recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other asbestos-related losses. While no amount of money can undo the harm caused by asbestos exposure, financial compensation can at least help cover costs and provide security for you and your family. Many Peoria victims of asbestos exposure have found justice and closure through the legal process.

Role of Legal Professionals in Peoria Asbestos Cases

Legal professionals can help you pursue compensation and justice if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease in Peoria, Illinois. Lawyers, paralegals, and legal researchers have the expertise to build a solid case on your behalf.

Attorneys in Peoria who specialize in asbestos litigation know the complex legal issues involved with these types of cases. They are familiar with local laws and have experience negotiating with defendants and their insurance companies. When you meet with an asbestos lawyer, they will evaluate your work and medical history to determine which companies may be liable for your exposure. The attorney and their legal team will then work to uncover evidence that proves negligence.

Paralegals and legal researchers play a key role in gathering evidence for your case. They will search public records, company documents, and news archives to find proof of asbestos use. They track down former co-workers and witnesses who can provide testimony to strengthen your claim. The legal team relies on paralegals and researchers to build a comprehensive picture of how and where your exposure occurred.

Final Thought

So there you have it, people of Peoria. Asbestos exposure is no joke and can have serious health consequences down the road. That’s why knowing your legal rights is so important if you or a loved one has been affected. Don’t try to go it alone in pursuing compensation – get an experienced asbestos attorney on your side. They have the expertise to make sure you get the maximum settlement you deserve. As the saying goes, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

The clock is ticking on filing your claim, so reach out for legal help today. With the right lawyer guiding you, justice and fair compensation will soon be yours. Now you’re armed with the facts. Use them wisely as you consider taking your next steps. The people of Peoria are depending on you.

Peoria Asbestos Legal Question FAQs

1. Can I file an asbestos lawsuit if I’ve been exposed but don’t have any symptoms?

Yes, you can file an asbestos lawsuit even without current health issues. Asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma or asbestosis can take decades to develop after exposure. Filing a lawsuit now allows you to recover compensation for medical monitoring and peace of mind that funds will be available if you do get sick in the future.

Your attorney can help determine if you qualify for an asbestos trust fund claim or lawsuit.

2. What kinds of compensation can I receive from an asbestos lawsuit?

There are typically two primary categories of compensation available in legal cases: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to the actual costs of medical care, lost wages, and other financial losses. Non-economic damages are intended to provide compensation for pain and suffering.

You may also be able to recover punitive damages to punish the companies responsible for your exposure. The compensation you may receive is contingent upon the unique details of your case.

3. Do I need an attorney to file an asbestos claim?

While filing an asbestos trust fund claim on your own is possible, we highly recommend working with an experienced asbestos litigation attorney. They can properly investigate where and how you were exposed, determine which companies are liable, and handle the complex legal paperwork.

Asbestos lawsuits can also be difficult to win without legal counsel. Attorneys operate on a contingency basis, so they only receive payment if you win your case.

4. How long do I have to file an asbestos lawsuit?

Each state has its statute of limitations on asbestos lawsuits. In Illinois, the deadline is 2 years from the date of diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease. However, there are exceptions for certain circumstances. An attorney can evaluate the details of your case to determine if you still qualify to file a lawsuit.

It’s best to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to understand your options and preserve your right to compensation.

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