Momentum Solar Lawsuit: Racism, Retaliation, and a Green Energy Giant under Fire

Momentum Solar, a New Jersey-based company, was once praised as a clean energy sector leader. However, it is now entangled in controversy and confronting several lawsuits. The allegations include charges of systemic racism, retaliation, and fostering a hostile work environment.

Initially celebrated for its contributions to solar energy growth, Momentum Solar has tarnished its reputation. Accusations of discriminatory practices and employee mistreatment have surfaced against the company.

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Accusations of Racial Discrimination

In 2019, Momentum Solar faced a lawsuit from six Black male employees who alleged that the company had subjected them to racist slurs, discriminatory pay practices, and unfair treatment by management. The employees claimed in the suit that management assigned them more physically demanding tasks and denied them opportunities for advancement.

Additionally, it alleged that employees who complained about these issues faced retaliation, including termination of employment.

Their allegations include:

  • Managers and colleagues bombarded Black employees with racial slurs and offensive comments, fostering a hostile and intimidating work environment.
  • Black workers earned significantly lower pay than their white counterparts while performing the same duties and experienced systematic promotion denials despite their qualifications and performance.
  • Employers assigned Black employees more physically demanding tasks and withheld access to training and development opportunities, thereby impeding their career progression.
  • Retaliation for speaking out: Employees who dared to complain about the discriminatory practices faced retaliation, including increased scrutiny, threats of termination, and ultimately, job loss.

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Class-Action Lawsuit and Ongoing Investigations

In 2021, a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of all Black employees who worked at Momentum Solar between 2015 and 2021. This lawsuit expands on the initial allegations, claiming that the company fostered a pervasive culture of racial discrimination and retaliation. The suit is currently ongoing, seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief to prevent future discriminatory practices.

The allegations against Momentum Solar have drawn significant attention from the media and regulatory bodies. The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office has launched an investigation into the company’s employment practices, while the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is also reportedly investigating the matter. These investigations further highlight the seriousness of the accusations and the potential implications for Momentum Solar.

Momentum Solar’s Response and Settlement

Momentum Solar has denied all allegations of racial discrimination and retaliation. The company claims that it has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and that it investigates all complaints promptly and thoroughly. However, the mounting evidence and ongoing legal challenges suggest that these claims may be unfounded.

In 2023, Momentum Solar settled the class-action lawsuit with the estate of one of the Black employees who filed the initial suit. While the details of the settlement are confidential, it represents a significant development in the case and could pave the way for further settlements or a full resolution.

A Shadow Cast on Green Energy

The allegations against Momentum Solar raise critical questions about diversity and inclusion within the green energy sector. While the industry strives to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility, companies that fail to uphold ethical standards in their workplaces undermine these efforts. The Momentum Solar case serves as a stark reminder that the fight for environmental justice must extend beyond reducing carbon emissions and embrace the need for a fair and equitable workforce.

Moving Forward: Accountability and Change

The Momentum Solar lawsuit underscores the importance of holding companies accountable for their actions. Legal systems must address allegations of discrimination effectively and ensure that victims receive proper compensation and redress. Additionally, companies must take proactive steps to foster inclusive work environments and promote diversity at all levels.

While Momentum Solar seeks to move past this controversy, the company faces a long road to regaining public trust and rebuilding its reputation. The company must implement significant changes to address the systemic issues highlighted by the lawsuit and demonstrate its commitment to creating a truly equitable and inclusive workplace. Only through meaningful action and genuine commitment to change can Momentum Solar hope to regain its standing as a leader in the green energy sector.


The Momentum Solar lawsuit serves as a stark reminder that even within industries focused on positive environmental impact, issues related to workplace culture and fairness can arise. As the legal proceedings unfold, the outcome will not only affect the employees directly involved but May also influence the public perception of Momentum Solar and the broader green energy sector.

It underscores the importance of vigilance in maintaining equitable workplaces, even in industries striving for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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